The Best Protection For Your Home Is the Right Insurance.

No one can foresee the future, but you can protect your home and possessions with the right tools.
Fires, storms, robberies, and disasters can strike without warning. The right policy is critical for maximum protection.

Could you pay the difference between what an insurance company will pay and the repair and replacement cost should a claim arise if disaster strikes?

Homeowner coverage is complex. At Eric Luebbe Insurance, we have years of experience in providing the right policy to protect you and your home. Each total policy coverage is as individual as you are. We work to tailor your needs to provide the most comprehensive protection while providing the best value.

There are many different types of homeowners and property insurance policies. In Bennington, NE a personal agent will learn about your individual needs and required coverage and structure what is best for your specific needs, because knowing what is included and how it compares to your circumstances is critical.

Do you know the many types of property insurance and how they will affect you?

Actual Cash Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Value (RV): The wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars.

Example: Your $3,000 television could be worth only around $400 with (ACV) after depreciation and your deductible. Replacement cost insurance would provide you with a new television that is most like the one damaged. Imagine trying to replace all of your significant valuables at a reduced value because that’s all your homeowners insurance covers.

Most policies cover dwellings but not detached structures. Extended coverage would be necessary for those. Personal belongings are protected, but only up to policy limits. Additional coverage would protect expensive jewelry, art collections, and high-end electronics.

Would you be protected if your home becomes uninhabitable? If there is a fire or flood, will your insurance company pay for a place to live temporarily?

Suppose someone falls or is hurt on your property. In that case, will your liability insurance protect you from being responsible for their medical bills? How would you be covered if someone is injured from a dog bite? One of our experienced agents at Eric Luebbe Insurance can give you the best advice for a comprehensive policy that will address your unique needs.

Many items are not covered and require additional coverage:

Earthquakes, sinkholes, sump pumps, sewer and septic backups, or broken water pipes to the home are not covered, as well as home maintenance and wear and tear. Additional coverage may be needed to defray your costs should an event occur.

You may be in a situation where you need a blanket policy to protect your business or a large estate. Developing a personal relationship with your agent is paramount to ensuring you get the comprehensive coverage you need.

Policies also vary on the type of house. Each has unique guidelines, and your agent will guide you through the complexities to make sure you get the protection you need.

Eric Luebbe Insurance works with a variety of companies, so we have solutions designed to fit your needs and we can structure a comprehensive policy that addresses your unique requirements. Our agents stay knowledgeable and informed, and as conditions change, we advise our clients on the best way to protect their most significant investments and the property within.

We offer plans to bundle home, auto, and business insurance to save you even more. For comprehensive homeowners and property insurance coverage in Bennington, speak to an agent who understands the local area and will listen to your concerns and unique needs. Contact Eric Luebbe Insurance now and request your quote.

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