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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boating Insurance Protects Your Interests While You Play

Many families enjoy boating as a weekend entertainment that allows them to spend time together or enjoy a relaxing time with guests. However, a number of problems can arise, even for experienced boaters, which can lead to financial losses. Boat insurance can provide coverage for many unexpected problems and can minimize these sudden financial impacts. At Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency, Nebraska boating enthusiasts can find helpful advice and information about proper coverage for your boat or other watercraft.

Understanding Boat Insurance

Boats and other watercraft can be a significant investment that can include not only the boat itself but also a number of additional pieces of equipment. As with houses, boats can be subject to several hazards and can incur liabilities involving injuries to people or damage to property. Your boat insurance can help to defray these costs, so your family finances are not adversely affected by an unexpected event.

Common Issues That May Require Coverage

Weather-related damage, such as from lightning, tornados, and hurricanes are among the most common problems that can drastically increase your recreational costs. Fire damage and impacts with other craft can also lead to expensive repairs. Theft and injury to passengers or other boaters can also lead to financial liability.

Liability for pollution to waterways from leaking gas and oil is another common problem that can affect boaters and those with other types of watercraft.

Your Insurance Agent Can Help You Determine the Right Coverage

Your Nebraska insurance agent can ensure that you have the appropriate coverage required by law and can help you determine the right level of insurance for your individual needs. Whether you have a sailboat, cruiser or jet-ski, your agent can help you protect your finances against unexpected losses.

Call Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency, Nebraska For Your Boat Insurance Needs

Recreational boating can be a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Making sure your craft has the right insurance can relieve your mind of concerns, so you can enjoy your leisure time on the water. Give Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency a call today to discuss coverage options for your boat or other watercraft.

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