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Home Insurance Cushions Family Finances From Unexpected Losses

Your home is likely to be your family’s biggest investment. As such, you want to protect your investment against losses that can occur, through weather events or other unexpected actions. Home insurance covers a variety of problems that can lead to expensive repairs or replacement. At Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency, Nebraska residents can acquire the coverage they need to withstand life’s unexpected events.

What Does Standard Home Insurance Cover?

A standard home insurance policy offers coverage for the home’s structure and much of your furniture, appliances and personal belongings. The policy will generally cover a number of different types of events. However, a home insurance policy does not offer flood damage unless it is from an internal problem, such as a broken pipe.

Common Home Insurance Claims

Storm damage from wind and hail is a common claim made on home insurance policies. Homeowners in cold climates may experience flooding from frozen, broken pipes, which is covered by home insurance. Theft and vandalism is also covered under your policy, as is damage from fires or from lightning strikes. These events can cause significant expenses for repairs that your home insurance can defray.

How Much Coverage Does Your Home Need?

Your mortgage company or homeowner’s or condo owner’s association may require a certain amount of home insurance coverage. This helps to protect not only your home investment but also covers damage to other peoples’ property during a damaging event. Your insurance agent can advise you on the proper coverage for your needs.

Make Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency Your Agent in Fremont, Nebraska

You want a reliable agent who will be on hand when you have a claim on home insurance. We can provide experienced advice on home insurance coverage to protect your finances when an event occurs. Contact Eric Luebbe Insurance Agency in Nebraska today to discuss your current home insurance needs.

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